Travel Visa

The United States Visitor Visas are designed to give opportunities to those who are seeking medical care, tourists, business men and women who wish to travel to the U.S to either explore the vast opportunities the U.S provides like the exploration of the vast American landscape, reunite with family members or to make and nurture valuable business connections.

Whatever the reason maybe, the U.S Visitors Visas gives the aforementioned category of people the chance to discover first-hand the vastness and diversity the U.S provides. With a successful U.S Visitor’s Visa, travellers can discover awe-inspiring landscapes, enjoy or participate in numerous festivals and professionally organised networking events. It’s no wonder that the U.S welcomes millions of visitors every year. Under this category of visas, the U.S government further provides for two classes of visas namely:

B1 Visa for Business Visitors
The U.S government requires most business visitors entering the U.S possess a valid business visitor visa, such as the B1 Visa. This visa is a non-immigrant visa that gives permission to international business people to legally enter the U.S temporarily.

B2 Visa For Tourists
For a country that welcomes millions of visitors each year, the B2 visa category is one of the most popular visa category’s for tourists. Most tourists who visit or travel to the U.S, require a valid tourist’s visa, such as the B2 if they are to enter into the U.S legally.