EB1 Green Cards for Priority Workers

The EB1 Green Card is an employment based green card. It is also popularly known as “Employment first preference”.
This visa provides lawful permanent residence to those with extraordinary abilities and talents in the sciences, arts, education, business and athletics. Other categories of people who can also apply or who are eligible to apply for the EB1 Green are outstanding professors, researchers, multinational executives and managers with a permanent offer of employment in the US and their likes.

EB1 Green Card Entitlements

Because of the international acclaim and merit the holders of this kind of Green card possess, they are entitled by U.S law to have permanent residency and work in their field of expertise. In addition to these, the Green Card holder’s spouse and children may accompany or join them to live permanently in the U.S. other entitlements holders of this Green card possess include, entitlement to attend public or private schools, work in the U.S without any employment authorization, little or no travel restrictions, they are also entitled to petition for close family members and apply for citizenship for themselves when the appropriate time comes.

EB1 Green Card Requirements

To qualify for an EB1 Green Card, as a first priority worker, the individual must possess extraordinary abilities or must be a professor, researcher or a multinational executive or manager. Applicants to this category must be able prove or demonstrate their extraordinary abilities in the sciences, arts, business, education or athletics through sustained international or national commendation. People in this category need not have any job offers in the U.S before they can apply in this category. The U.S. government allows them to petition for themselves as long as they intend to work in their field of expertise.

Academics (professors or researchers) in this category must demonstrate international recognition for their achievements in their chosen fields and must have under their belts a minimum of three (3) working years of research or teaching in their respective fields. Outstanding professors or researchers in this category must be entering the U.S to pursue tenure or tenure track teaching or research at a university or academic institution in the United States.

As for multinational executives and managers, they must been employed by their sponsoring firm, organization or corporation in a managerial or executive capacity for at least a year in the three years prior to their application for a green card. As with the first two categories, applicants in this category also need to meet certain health and character requirements.

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