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Register to the Green card lottery

USALWS is an experienced company in assisting applicants from around the world to enter and participate in the Green card lottery.

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Immigration experts.

Every year people from around the world try their luck and submit an application to the Green card lottery, however, many people get disqualified because they fail to enter their details correctly by the strict rules of the U.S state department. USALWS has a lot of experience in this field and submits accurate applications for their clients.

Our reputation and professional services are recognized worldwide

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New clients will receive a benefit of free online immigration EBook + Free Online Language course.

  • Complete and accurate submission of the application to participate in the Green Card lottery.
  • Experienced US immigration professionals makes sure the DV-Lottery procedure is done correctly.
  • High level of customer service provided to each client.
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Application process simplification to the DV lottery
All year long registration (365 days)
Customer support experts
Meeting Technical requirements of the DV lottery application
Photo Preparation and processing service


Staying in the U.S. for as long as you wish!

Moving to a better country with your family

Starting a whole new life in the best country in the world.

Studying at the world’s best universities

Developing a new amazing career opportunity

Just enjoying the “American life style” …

Then let us help you…

Register to the Green card lottery

We provide immigration consulting to help our clients to move to the US in the easiest way possible. The USALWS supports you through the whole process.

USALWS submits your Green Card application. It will be taken care of in a professional way and you will get personal care from the first step until Green card lottery results.

We carefully check your data and forward your application on time and in the required form to the relevant U.S. authorities. We confirm that you will receive a personal certificate. You will find all of your green card information in a private secured account that we will create only for you.

Please hold while your application is being analyzed.

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